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Welcome to F.O.F. Occupational Therapy Services, LLC, where we help you "Focus on Function" by providing specialized services, such as: 

  • Pre-Driving Screening
  • Behind the Wheel Evaluation
  • Adaptive Equipment Training
  • ...And Various Other Occupational Therapy Services

Kim with Patient & Equipment

The Driving Rehabilitation Program:

The most common causes of unsafe driving by older adults include vision impairment, cognitive limitations, side effects of medications, slow reaction times, muscular difficulties and limited range of motion.

Driving provides seniors with independence, enabling them to get essential services and make social contacts outside the home (according to the American Occupational Therapy Association).

In addition, driving allows the disabled to regain mobility, and, with it, independence.

F.O.F. Occupational Therapy Services is a community based program specializing in driver rehabilitation.  Clients who are currently licensed will be evaluated on their fitness to drive following illness, injury, or age-related changes.

Please, visit the rest of our website to find out how we can help you or a loved one regain independence through Driving Evaluation & Training and our other Occupational Therapy Services.

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